Blog 19 December 2019

Thanks to the whole Richmond community for another positive and productive year at school. We have finished with a rush of activity as always, from excursions to assemblies to graduation to P&C events to class parties.

Congratulations to the students who have been accepted into instrumental music next year. Students did aptitude tests to get into this extension program. Four students will start cello and eight will start violin – both at John Curtin College of the Arts. At Richmond, five will start each of flute, brass and clarinet.  We are very proud of our music program at Richmond – music always creates a beautiful tone in the school.

If you’re still wondering what to buy your child for Christmas, could I please ask that you buy them an analogue watch.  Not an iWatch or a Fitbit. Just a plain watch with a clear face and hands. It’s so important that children learn to tell the time and understand the concept of ‘quarter to’ or ‘five past’ and that they can visualize what it means. It also helps with their maths and understanding of fractions in a way that digital numbers just don’t.  By the end of year 3 they should be adept at it, but most of them aren’t… let’s make it cool to wear a watch for school!

Also, a couple of things to practise over the summer if possible – handling money and word processing (not swiping or gaming). Again, these are skills the children really need, but seem suddenly to be struggling with.  Thank you! It will make such a difference to them.

Student reports were posted to CONNECT yesterday afternoon.  If you have misplaced your password, Lara will happily reset your account for you.

Special thanks to the School Board and P&C for all their hard work and support of the school.  Remember, if you’d like to nominate for either group for 2020, please have a look at the relevant pages on our website. I have set up easy online nomination forms for both.  The closing date for all nominations is 18 February, 2020 at 3pm.

It is busy here today, with lots of groups moving rooms, final shuffling of classes, a constant stream of new enrolments, and the year 6 students oscillating between laughter and quiet contemplation, as they ready themselves for secondary school. We wish them all the best, and will give them our traditional ‘Richmond farewell’ at 2.50pm in the quad today (weather permitting), when we will end the year with the ringing of the old bell.

I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas, and look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 3 February, 2020.

Lisa Dentith

Blog 11 December 2019

It’s fantastic to see the interest in joining the P&C and Board for 2020.  I have had a number of emails. If you’d like to nominate for either group, please have a look at the relevant pages on our website. I have set up easy online nomination forms for: P&C general member; P&C executive officer; Board member.

All parents can become general members of the P&C. This entitles you to receive minutes, attend meetings and vote on motions regarding P&C decisions.  There is no election for these positions – all nominees become general members at the AGM.

The executive officers of the P&C will be elected at the AGM of the Association on 18 February, 2020, by and from the general members of the Association.  All general members will be eligible to vote. We are seeking: President; Vice-President; Honorary Secretary; Honorary Treasurer; 3 other committee members.  You need to nominate in advance of the AGM for these positions.

The School Board has current capacity for six parent members. If the number of nominees exceeds the available positions, there will be an election early in 2020. All parents with enrolled children at the school will be eligible to vote.   There is no general membership of the board.  Their AGM will be after any elections, provisionally 25 February.

The Board and P&C are quite different entities, so do check which one appeals to you more.

It is always important to practice gratitude – taking a moment to think about and appreciate all that we have, rather than complaining about what we think we deserve.

So, as the end of the year approaches, please could we ask that you bring in any unwanted uniform items for us to sort so our recycled uniform stall is ready to go on day one.  Also next week there will be boxes in the quad to collect unwanted textas, pencils, and crayons. These items will be taken to Bali next year and delivered to an orphanage where the children do have not have this type of stationery. Last year’s items were delivered to children living in Northern Bali and they were absolutely delighted to receive them.

Thanks to your generosity, we are this week able to send over 1000 food items to Foodbank WA to distribute at Christmas. I posted a cute photo on Facebook. Thanks room 4 organisers!

The term 4 edition of ‘Things we love to eat’ will be on sale at the final assembly and from reception. It contains all the food and recipes our gardening club has been growing and making. Thanks to Lise and Lee for running our ‘popular ‘Seed to Plate’ Program at school. This year their focus has been on growing vegetables. In 2020 the focus will shift to growing herbs and flowers. Sounds like fun!

We were thrilled to receive a $1200 Telstra grant, organised by a Richmond parent, Richard, to buy plants for the area around our climbing frame. Thank you!

We also received sincere thanks from Leeming Education Support Centre, whose students we have hosted on work experience in our canteen for the past couple of years. It is a mutually positive relationship for their and our students.

Finally, remember to grab your waterslide ticket from TidyHQ to access P&C waterslides after school this Friday. Children can exchange their ticket for a wristband in the office to give them access to the slides.  And… to apply for the position of canteen manager please email the P&C or the school for more information.

Lisa Dentith

Blog 4 December 2019

I have recently thoroughly enjoyed two kindy Christmas concerts – nothing like some singing and tinsel to put us in a festive mood – and I posted a cute photo on Facebook.

This Friday is our last regular assembly of 2019, and the spelling bee winners will be congratulated. There was some close and determined competition on Tuesday and all participants are to be commended on doing their absolute best.

It’s exciting that our year 6 students will graduate next week, on Thursday. They have brought all the information home and are busy rehearsing their speeches. It is always a lovely evening at the Swan Yacht Club.

The day after graduation, Friday, 13 December, is the next P&C event – waterslides after school.  Tickets are as always on TidyHQ.

We always enjoy our final assembly, which will be on the last Wednesday of term at 9.00am. It will open with the kindy children singing and close with a year 6 song, as we bid them farewell and good luck in high school. We will present class award winners for years 4-6, and subject winners in year 6.  Class awards are based on our values and subject awards are academic awards. We will also introduce the 2020 student leadership groups and hear some musical items.

It’s our tradition to gather in the quad on the last day at 2.50pm, for a song and to ring the old bell to end the year. There are always tears and excitement.

For some reason, our library currently has a lot of missing books.  It would be really helpful if you could check your books at home for ones that may belong to our library.  Look for the white barcode on the book with ‘Richmond Primary School’ printed on it. Thank you!

I’m also hoping to enlist parent help on this: A few children have started to use social media apps outside school, specifically Tik Tok, Instagram and Snapchat. This invariably leads to social unrest between participants, which spills into school. Although your child may seem ‘mature’ enough to use the apps, they are rarely mature enough to deal with others’ comments and the world of social media, which as adults we have learned to navigate. My strong advice is to be firm about ages for these apps: The minimum age is 13, in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). I do not believe anyone still in primary school should be using any of these apps.

Next year, I am happy to say that Chelsey will continue as our Chaplain, following our successful application to continue our Chaplaincy funding.

Bricks 4 Kidz has leased our library to run another lego robotics program after school in term 1, 2020 – the link is here: Term 1 2020. Early Bird 10% coupon code: 5DE0A9DDA3D58

Another reminder to order your 2020 using these codes… School code for home delivery: RICD    Password: ZZY233

Kate is leaving her role as Canteen Manager – we wish her well and thank her for her 18 months as manager. She has been fantastic. To apply for the position of manager to start in 2020 please email the P&C or the school for more information. If the P&C is unable to fill internally, they will advertise externally.

Finally, if you have an interest in getting involved with one of the two parent representative bodies in 2020, the Board or P&C, it’d be fantastic if you would consider nominating.  All positions on the P&C are for one year and on the Board for two years, so there are vacancies on both. You can find more information here:           P&C 2020             Board 2020

Lisa Dentith