Blog 11 September 2019

There have been very long lines of children at lunchtimes this week wanting to audition for Richmond’s got Talent. This is a show organised annually by the student councillors and is always a lot of fun.  It looks like about fifty acts will audition this week.  Around twenty will progress to the final on the last Wednesday afternoon of term, which everyone gathers to watch.  Richmond kids certainly have lots to offer.

The athletics carnival is shaping up to be another fantastic day next Wednesday. Everyone from pre-primary to year 6 will be involved in events and they all need to wear their faction shirt and a hat. Year 6 parents will run a refreshments stall, but children do need to bring their usual water bottle and food please.  Hopefully families will have a great day cheering for their faction. The program for the day is on our website at the top of the physical education page here:

If you are coming to watch the year 3-6 field events on Monday morning, and are able to help out with some measuring please let us know on  Thank you!

All spots in the Bricks 4 Kidz workshop that will run on Mondays after school next term have been filled, so I have organised for a second workshop to run on Wednesdays. This is now open for booking on their website:  Wednesday class

If you previously booked for Monday and now prefer Wednesday, the company says please just email them to let them know the name of the child you would like to transfer and they will do their best to help:

Other upcoming school events include the pre-primary / year 1 dance concert; swimming lessons for year 1-3 students; the music assembly and the football assembly.  All of these enrichment activities are much loved by the children and are on our web calendar.

We are looking forward to the new administration block being finished. The timeline is for us to have practical completion in the holidays, and handover in week two next term.  Everyone has been really flexible during the build, not least our students, and we have really appreciated how well they have adapted.

Finally, the East Fremantle Lions Club advises their Riverside Markets start again this Sunday at Norm McKenzie Reserve on the foreshore, and will operate on the third Sunday each month. They have a bouncy castle, train rides, face painting, food… it’s a lovely event for children.

How lovely that spring is finally here!

Lisa Dentith

Blog 4 September 2019

We had such a good time at the disco on Friday. Many thanks to everyone involved – it was hugely successful and well organised.

A couple of exciting things are coming up…

Richmond’s got Talent is fast approaching.  Auditions are next week and the competition will be in week 10.  Children from pre-primary upwards are encouraged to audition their talent – and it can be anything! It’s always fun to see singing, dancing, magic, juggling, music, comedy and other more unusual skills come to the fore. The Student Councillors are organising this and have put posters up around school.

As advised in my last blog, Bricks 4 Kidz will be leasing our library after school next term to run lego and robotics workshops for Richmond students from pre-primary to year 6.  They will offer an eight-week course on Mondays with 20 places, so if you would like more information or are keen to register, please click here:

The athletics carnival is the week after next.  We will bus everyone to the venue in North Fremantle at no cost, but do need permission slips back from everyone – it’d be fantastic to get them all this week so we can be completely organised. Of course everyone is warmly invited to don their faction colours and come along to cheer. Year 6 parents will run a refreshments stall, but children do need to bring their usual water bottle and packed recess / lunch please.

Our new reflection sheets are being really well supported by parents. Thank you. They are working well for a few reasons, but foremost children have the clear opportunity to reflect, acknowledge any mistakes, learn from them and fix them. Even the most well-adjusted people make mistakes. The important thing for adults is to take the opportunity to show children how to respond to errors, to own up to mistakes and to fix the problem. This shows children that no matter how grave a mistake they may have made, if they are honest about it and try to fix it, things will get better.  Of course this is also key to building resilient children.

Thanks for paying this year’s voluntary contribution of $60.  It may seem like a small amount, but cumulatively to us it is a lot.  It is food for thought, given the funding discrepancy between different schools that has been widely discussed in the media, that our 400+ students contribute $24,480 pa between them. So far we have received almost 85% of contributions, which is $20,475.  If we are able to collect 100% of contributions, we will get another $4000, which would buy us a lot of equipment.

Another quick reminder to year 6 parents to make sure you are enrolled in a secondary school now.  Many of our students go on to JCCA, but this isn’t an automatic roll over.

Finally, Jody Scott is heading on leave for the remainder of the year – we wish her well and welcome Clare Perkins as our visual art teacher until Christmas.

Lisa Dentith

Blog 28 August 2019

Excitement is building for the disco on Friday.  Notes were due back today so that the year 6 parents can get organised with supervisors and catering, so if your child still plans to attend, please could you drop off the permission slip tomorrow – many thanks.  Children won’t be able to pay at the door since we need firm numbers in advance for supervision ratios. If you nominated to pay online, now’s the moment, thanks.  It is usually a lot of fun for children, so thank you to year 6 parents for organising it.

It is really encouraging to see how well the children are recycling using the FOGO bins. The ToEF will come in soon to run classroom workshops on recycling and everyone is trying hard to produce less waste.  One small boy did declare to me this week ‘my mum hates FOGO and doesn’t do it’ as he put his chip packet in the food bin. But we will persevere!

One thing we are encouraging everyone to do is to bring a waste-free lunch. This means a compartmentalised lunch box with small amounts of loose food – an unwrapped sandwich, a few grapes, chopped fruit, cheese, carrot sticks… even a few crisps are ok, but taken from a larger packet at home rather than in an individual packet.

My observations from years of watching children eat lunch are; chopping up an apple and dividing it between two lunch boxes generally means it is all eaten, whereas a whole apple often has four bites taken out of it before it is thrown away; and also that the correlation between fresh, waste free lunches and concentration is significant. Thanks to the many parents who are sending waste free lunches every day and trying to keep it fresh.

We have just negotiated for Bricks 4 Kidz to lease our library after school next term to run lego and digital technology workshops for children on a user pays basis. Parent feedback is that there will be high anticipation from some children to get involved with this. There will be more information and a booking link in my next blog.

We are also experimenting with a lego league at school. Watch this space!

OSH Club has just signed a contract to lease our undercover area and courts for another two years. About 6% of our students attend OSH Club regularly.

Next week it’s asthma week. We have lots of children who are managing asthma and if you are interested there is more information here:  asthmaaustralia

Finally, a reminder that Uniform Concepts will be at school from 8.15am – 9.00am this Friday with a supply of faction tops and hats for sale ($14) ready for the athletics carnivals.

Enjoy what is left of the hottest August day for ages…

Lisa Dentith