Blog 31 July 2019

Our faction cross country carnival was great fun yesterday at Henry Jeffrey Oval. Congratulations to everyone who participated, to our medal winners and to staff and parents who assisted and supported. I have posted a photo on Facebook.  The sun came out and everyone was happy and involved.  Nearly everyone in years 3-6 participated in the run – brilliant.

The six fastest runners from each year (4-6) group, boys and girls, will represent Richmond in the interschool cross country carnival on 6 August.

We have very keen, sporting students and participate in a number of sports carnivals every year. Details are here, if you are interested: sports

Everyone should have now received their child’s report via CONNECT and is warmly invited to meet with teachers – just contact your teacher please to make a convenient appointment time.

I am reviewing kindergarten applications and consulting with local schools regarding space and local intake areas.  I will be writing to all applicants by August 16. The process of place allocation does take a while as many applications have elements to follow up on, such as expiring leases, out of date AIR statements etc, but I hope to have most places finalised by September, thanks for bearing with me.

You will have read in the media that all new enrolments must provide an immunisation history statement with the status ‘up to date’.  I have quickly checked the status of our existing students and we have a large number with an ‘out of date’ status.  I’d really like to get our immunisation data accurate across the school and request that everyone please give Lara their ’up to date AIR statement’ which you can get here: AIR statement

Year 6 students are starting to think about transitioning to high school.  Our upper primary program prepares them well for multiple teachers and rooms and actively teaches organisational skills.  JCCA is our feeder secondary school and takes local intake students from this area: JCCA map

The P&C Quiz Night raised $3600 for the Nature Playground and the P&C were overwhelmed by the generosity of our community. Special thanks to Liv, Nikki, Jenny and Tony who put in countless hours of planning to make sure that this event was a fantastic night, and also to our major sponsor and hosts from Abel McGrath. It really was a brilliant evening.

Finally, some more events from our calendar:

  • The P&C will meet at the Tradewinds tomorrow, 1 August at 7.00pm.
  • Details of the Dads of Richmond Kids bowling night on Monday 5 August are on Tidy HQ.
  • Our ‘design a moon buggy for science week’ competition (flyers from the office or teachers) will culminate with a race on Wednesday 14 August.
  • Our annual K-6 book week parade (dress as a book character) will be on Wednesday 21 August at 9.00am.
  • Our athletics carnivals will be on 16 September morning (years 3-6 field events at school); and 18 September all day (PP-yr 6 track events at Gil Fraser Reserve).

Thank you for supporting some or all of these events in these busy times.  Enjoy the beautiful weather.

Lisa Dentith

Blog 23 July 2019

Welcome back to semester 2.  I hope everyone has had a happy, safe school holiday.

We begin the term with our year 3-6 faction cross country carnival on Tuesday 30 July.  This year we will be having it at Henry Jeffrey Oval, where there is more space and hopefully more visibility for spectators. A letter is being sent home with students in years 3-6 today. Our interschool cross country team will be selected from years 4-6, following our school carnival and the team will represent Richmond on Tuesday 6 August. Please see our school calendar for details of these events and the athletics carnivals.

The FOGO bin system has been introduced in East Fremantle during the holidays and we are keen to embrace this at school.  We have secured some of the bins from the Town of East Fremantle and our year 6 Environmental Leaders will be instrumental in implementing the new system. We will launch it on 9 August, when all our students will hear a presentation from the Town.  The FOGO bins will be in the quad at breaks, and all classrooms with have a food caddie bin.

It would be really helpful if you could teach your child how to use the new bins at home and let them practise with them, so that they bring that knowledge to school.

The P&C is calling for nominations for an Arts Coordinator to run the P&C Arts committee. The coordinator will identify and assist with arts opportunities around the school. One suggestion has been to join the Champions for School Toilet Transformation group, which is very active on Facebook. If you are artistic, organised and interested, please let me or the P&C know.

The P&C is also calling for people to join their nature playground committee; and the School Board is calling for people to join their centenary book committee.  The creation of a nature playground and the production of a historical book are projects to mark our centenary.

Thank you very much for collecting the earn and learn stickers for us, and to Rosa for coordinating this – we have ordered some play equipment.

The ever-social Dads of Richmond Kids group has finalised the details of their bowling night, which will be on Monday 5 August from 7.00pm at the Super Bowl. All dads and father figures are warmly invited and full details are on TidyHQ.

Enrolments for kindergarten 2020 have poured in and close this Friday. We will be full, with a waiting list, so won’t be in a position to accept late or out of area applications.  Thanks for letting your friends and neighbours know of the impending deadline.

Finally, two reminders, which have been raised by the community:

Please could all drivers follow the road rules especially around the kiss and drop facility as per the signage – no parking, driver to remain with vehicle.  Parking is always at a premium and we encourage children to walk or bike to school where possible.

Dogs are not permitted on the school site due to OH&S concerns.  (I do make an exception for puppies carried in for ‘news’).

We are all looking forward to another busy and positive term at Richmond and thank you for your ongoing support of our school community.

Lisa Dentith


Blog 3 July 2019

Yesterday our year 4 students celebrated the end of their bike education program with their annual ride into Fremantle and back. It was hugely popular and I posted a photo on Facebook.  Many thanks to the 31 parents who rode with them, to staff and to Rebecca Sorrell for organising such an eagerly anticipated event – almost 70 children on bikes is far from easy to coordinate.

Semester 1 reports will be sent home via CONNECT today.  The beauty of online reports is that everyone will be able to access their reports via CONNECT wherever they are and whenever it suits them and print them out themselves. We can easily reset your password should you require it.  Teachers will be offering parent interviews to discuss students’ progress early next term.

This Friday some of our instrumental music students will perform at assembly to mark the end of semester and everyone is very welcome to attend.

Early next term the DoRKs will be running a dads-only 10-pin bowling event at the Melville Super Bowl. They warmly invite all fathers and father-figures to come along and get to know each other.  Please look out for further announcements next term.

Much has been made in the media recently about mobile phone use in schools. Our policy has long been that at parents’ discretion, children are allowed to have their phones with them for travel to and from school, but mobile phones must not be used at all during school hours and always remain the responsibility of families.  Parents are able to phone the school office to communicate with their child.  This policy works well and we very rarely see any mobile phones at school.  Thanks to all families for your ongoing support on this.  It means our students are always off playing and talking to each other and don’t even consider sitting on their phone as an option.

A few children are starting to wear apple watches and these do occasionally go off in class when parents message them. It’d be great to remove this distraction from the classroom too and I ask parents to message their child before and after the school day, not during class time.

Finally, a couple of holiday reminders:

Willetton Uniforms is closing down on Friday. Our school uniform is now available from the Uniform Concepts Super Store at 30 Kembla Way, next door to Campion.

Holidays are a good time for parents to re-establish and nurture friendships by planning play dates and shared activities. This is an interesting read on the subject from Maggie Dent:

As we approach the end of a busy term and everyone starts to recover from colds, many families are heading off for a well-deserved couple of weeks of rest and relaxation.  I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday, and look forward to seeing children back at school on Tuesday 23 July.

Lisa Dentith