1 July 2020

We have almost reached the end of a semester like no other. COVID has affected all of us across the world, and the scale of it has often been hard to comprehend.  It has disrupted everything in schools from how we teach and report, to when we attend and who can attend, to what we clean and touch, to how we operate financially, physically and emotionally.

I absolutely must thank my staff again, for their flexibility, professionalism and ‘can do’ attitude during what has surely been the most challenging period of their career.  They are fantastic.

Today we will post semester one reports on Connect.  This will be between 1.00pm and 3.00pm.  If you would like your Connect password to be reset, please just send Lara an email.

Schools across the country have been given flexibilities in relation to reporting this semester and the main change is that there is no requirement to report grades. The areas reported on are effort, attitude and behaviour. There is also a comment about progress in English and maths. In other learning areas there is a statement of what has been covered and your child’s effort in that subject.

As I said in a previous update, it is a really good opportunity to talk to your child about effort, attitude and behaviour. In years to come these are the attributes that will help them through life’s adversities.  If they are trying their best, have a positive attitude and behave well, what more can we ask of them?  That is certainly what we have asked of everyone this semester.

Moving forward into semester 2, we are advised that all existing cleaning and hygiene practices have to continue. This means additional cleaning of high touch surfaces continuously during the day, including playgrounds, door handles, toilets, railings etc; all sick students and staff to remain at home; continued good personal hygiene such as use of hand sanitiser or hand washing, and cough and sneeze management; and use of personal water bottles not bubblers.  Adults should continue to maintain physical distancing at school.  Our drop off and pick up arrangements will remain as they are now.

Assuming phase 5 goes ahead during the holidays, we plan to hold our years 3-6 school cross country carnival on Tuesday 28 July from 11.00am – 2.00pm at Henry Jeffery Oval. Following this will be the inter-school cross country at 10.00am on August 4. I will confirm both of these events after the holidays – this is just prior notice of the dates and times.

The provisionally scheduled dates for other events are on our website calendar.  I will keep this updated as we make plans.

Remember that we break up tomorrow, Thursday.  We return on Tuesday 21 July.

These school holidays are welcome and a chance for children and staff to refresh and reset. I hope everyone gets the chance to relax together and to enjoy all the freedoms we have in Western Australia. Our friends and families across the world, who are not so fortunate, remain in our thoughts.

Thank you to our community for your flexibility and support so far this year. Thank you for changing your practices and changing again, for bearing with us and for talking your children through all the changes, all whilst navigating these unusual times yourself.

Today a family delivered a cake for staff. This is so appreciated, and a lovely end to the term. Thank you.

Lisa Dentith

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