15 May 2020

As you may have heard, Mark McGowan announced yesterday that all students are to return to school on Monday.  There will be exemptions for vulnerable children with medical concerns, or for those who live with a vulnerable family member. Those children will be additionally supported by the department’s School of Special Educational Needs: Medical and Mental Health to continue to work at home.

All of our current safety procedures, regarding arrival at school after 8.30am, adults on site, hygiene measures and sick children, as detailed in my last update, will remain in place indefinitely.

Gatherings such as assemblies, incursions and excursions, inter school sport and camps continue to be banned.  We also remain bound by community rules regarding gatherings of adults and cannot have staff meetings over 20 people.  Vulnerable staff will remain off site.

A new letter from the Chief Health Officer is here: Letter to parents.

The only other change for us, is that the P&C plans to reopen the canteen from next week on Wednesdays and Fridays on a limited basis. All orders will be online.  For everyone’s continued safety, there will be no counter service, so children shouldn’t bring any money to school.  Food will be prepared by just three staff as ‘takeaway’ and will be delivered to children. The hatch will remain closed.

Our canteen manager and two P&C members have completed the AHA Hospitality and Tourism Covid-19 Hygiene Course, that hospitality workers are required to complete.  They have also written a Covid-19 safety plan, by which they will operate.  My sincere thanks to Paula and Ros for working closely with me to ‘soft open’ the canteen, and for their thoroughness in this process, in line with our cautious approach at school.

I’ve updated all of this canteen information, including their plan, a new menu and how to order online here: Canteen Term 2.

Remember that you can join the next P&C meeting via Zoom by requesting a link from tony.estrano@gmail.com.

Enjoy the weekend sunshine, we are all looking forward to seeing everyone next week.

Lisa Dentith

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