19 October 2020

It’s really important to us that our students have a sense of place, of belonging and of connection.

In the younger years this is about developing a sense of being and belonging in their family, school and close neighbourhood. As children get older this expands to developing a connection with the wider community.

Participation is a key to connection. As I outlined in my last newsletter we have, as always, planned a large number of opportunities for participation this term and I encourage you to get your children involved as much as possible.  It really benefits their physical, mental and emotional health.

Yesterday about 40 riders took part in the dads and kids bike ride along the river in almost perfect conditions.  There was lots of positive feedback. Thanks to all who came along and to Mike and his team of DoRKs for organising.

Mrs Bertolini has started chorale again (this is by audition for years 4-5-6); our popular before school running club will restart tomorrow, 8.10am – 8.30am on the oval with Mr Carder and Paul the chaplain; and Carlie and her team will start P&C school banking again tomorrow before school, outside the library.

In the wider community, our year 5 and 6 students and Miss Sherman, have been working with the Town of East Fremantle on the town’s Strategic Community Plan Review, to capture some feedback from primary aged children.  Some of our students’ ideas look like being adopted, and their photo may even feature in the final report. Very exciting for them.

Also at the community level, we are all set to become a ‘Containers for Change’ collection point.  This is a new state-wide container deposit scheme that lets people cash in eligible containers. The 10c would come to the school. More details to follow, but thanks to Tony from the P&C for organising this initiative to reduce litter and landfill, increase recycling, create jobs and raise funds for the school. Our student environmental leaders will coordinate this program with Mrs Holst-Marsh and the collection bin will be available on Fridays.

It’s book week and excitement is building for the dress up parade tomorrow at 9.00am. Even the big kids are happily chatting about their costumes, face paint and wigs.  One of the things that is so endearing about Richmond for me, is that our children are not ‘too cool for school’. They feel wonder and excitement about childhood fun.  It is to be nurtured and cherished. Children will parade around the marked track, so it’d be fantastic if parents could spectate from outside the track, so we can social distance.

Finally, if you know of anyone who has been waiting for a school tour, I’m planning one for next week – the date and time will be on our website.

Enjoy your week in the sun,

Lisa Dentith

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