20 July 2021

Welcome back to term 3 – everyone is smiling despite the somewhat grey and rainy day!

I’m hoping everyone has had a chance to access and go through semester one reports with children, and been able to identify areas of strength and an area for improvement. It’s really important to look at the ‘effort’ column when setting goals.

Teachers are all available for parent interviews now and are very happy to discuss goals with you. Please just contact them directly to make a mutually convenient time.

We welcome our new physical education teacher, Rob Thorogood, today. He comes to us from Harmony Primary, with a wealth of experience and new ideas.

The first main event for Rob to get his head around, is our cross country competition next Tuesday morning at Henry Jeffrey Oval. It will involve all year 3-6 students who will walk there together. The permission slip is here.  Spectators (and volunteers to walk to the venue with students) are very welcome – it’s always a great event.

The inter-schools competition (for the top 6 runners, boys and girls in each year from 4-6) will be on August 3.

Our kitchen garden has had a bleak year following lockdowns with no volunteers and winter weather, but Jason our Chaplain is working with junior classes to revitalise it this term and is hoping to grow some herbs and vegetables with them. If you are keen to assist, please let him know.

Kindy applications for next year have poured in and we have easily filled three classes. We won’t have room for late applications unfortunately, so this is a gentle reminder that applications close this Friday. Priority is based on proximity of a child’s usual place of residence to the school.

On the P&C front, the next meeting is 3 August at 8.30am in the library.  Everyone is very welcome and we will have a Q&A at the end. School Banking will recommence tomorrow. And the canteen will open tomorrow too despite a massive hole in the roof from rain in the holidays! Here is the new menu. Thanks to Ros for all her preparations.

A parent has asked me to more effectively enforce the ban on dogs on the school site. The Department of Education guidance is that animals should not be on school grounds unless they are a part of a school event, or are authorised assistance animals and has suggested signage to remind dog owners (which we used to have, and many schools have) so this will go up again shortly.  Thanks for your assistance with this.

As always I’ve returned to dozens of requests, which I am working through as fast as I can!

Have a lovely week, despite all the rain.

Lisa Dentith