22 May 2020

We have reached the end of our first week fully back at school and have had 94% of children at school each day, which is our normal attendance rate for this time of year.  The remainder are unwell, at appointments, or on holiday.

This morning we all loved our second ‘virtual assembly’.  Last fortnight I ran an assembly over the PA.  This morning we went one step further and beamed it into classrooms via Teams. Thanks to our student councillors for their presenting role, and special congratulations to Isabella and Josie who have each sung the National Anthem, unaccompanied, and not missed a note. It must have been daunting.  We are working on a few technical issues but plan to be bigger and better each fortnight…

Drop off and pick up continue to go well.  Children are becoming very independent and it is fantastic to see them getting themselves organised for the day.  Teachers meet them in the classroom on arrival and are able to make personal contact with each child as they arrive, to quickly ascertain everyone’s mood and demeanour. This has led to very a calm and smooth start to work at 8.45am.  With children not arriving before 8.30am, teachers have gained thirty minutes each morning to prepare for class.  Similarly, since the site is empty by 3.10pm, teachers have gained well over an hour at the end of each day, to mark work and to plan.

Erika, Dave and I are enjoying manning the gates morning and afternoon and love seeing everyone arrive smiling each day.

At breaks, I have been very happy with how well children have adapted their play to their own areas.  The quad is a happy buzz as year 1 and pre-primary children play together in the sandpit, on bikes, dressing up and in the fairy garden. All kinds of imaginative play is happening.

On the oval and in the undercover area, our very active year 2-4 students have lots of room for all manner of ball games, chasing and ‘cooking’ in the nature play garden.

Out on the front lawn our senior students are enjoying sitting in groups to talk and read. Out on the courts it is brilliant to see that they have organised big games of basketball and are all playing in a coordinated and cooperative way, rather than just one on one. They look very smart in their blue leavers shirts – many thanks to the year 6 parents who organised those during a difficult time.

As the colder weather hits, we of course have had a corresponding increase in lost items of clothing. It’d be great if you could label jackets very clearly so that they can be returned to their owner quickly.  All lost property is in the quad during the day and children should regularly check through it.

Another thanks to room 2 parents who continue to donate cleaning resources. This week they have given us a big box of wipes for our computer keyboards. Brilliant. Thanks too to our day cleaner, Vanda, who spends every day circulating at top speed around the school cleaning high touch surfaces. She will be super fit by the end of all this.

It sounds like we are unfortunately in for some bad weather this weekend, stay safe and warm and see you next week.

Lisa Dentith

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