23 September 2021

It’s with a mixture of sadness and anticipation that I write my last blog for Richmond and I have a few pieces of good news.

First, we just finished our National Quality Standard Audit. This is an external audit of K-2, focussing on seven key areas: educational program and practice; children’s health and safety; physical environment; staffing arrangements; relationships with children; collaborative partnerships with families and communities; governance and leadership.

We met the national standard in all areas (that’s the best you can do), and the comments are really worth reading. The auditors on the day repeatedly expressed how impressed they were, and we are very proud of Richmond and everyone involved.  The report is here if you’d like to read it: National Quality Standard Report.

In other good news, our year 3 and 5 students have performed very well on NAPLAN this year in all areas.  We are a ‘band one’ school which means we are measured against the highest performing schools across WA and our students were on par with all of them.

You will recall that we received $50k as a pre-election promise from Lisa O’Malley and have been able to create a new nature playground outside pre-primary. The good news is we have enough money left over to refurbish the play area next to the gazebo, so that older children also have somewhere new and fun to play. This should happen in November.

We have also finally got to the bottom of why our oval has deteriorated this year after our irrigation failed over summer. Soil testing has shown the presence of nematodes.  Elaine my MCS has been liaising with the DoE about how this can be fixed as we may well need to replace the oval.

Elaine has accepted a secondment to Maida Vale PS for term 4, backfilling someone on leave.  She is a brilliant MCS and, although she will be very much missed, we are happy for her that she will cut her commute to work hugely since she lives in the hills.  Jennifer Lilley will backfill here at Richmond until Christmas.

As you know, Dave Carder will be acting principal for term 4 while I am on leave. My job is currently being advertised (neither Dave nor I have anything to do with the selection process).

So, that’s it from me. I have come to work this week to dozens of lovely emails from you all and to a sea of cards from children; many delivered their messages via paper planes amid lots of muffled giggles and laughter. So cute, especially the card wishing me a happy 100th birthday! Thank you.

And thank you to the Board and the Town of East Fremantle for the stunning bouquets of flowers.

It has been really, really lovely.

My best wishes for a successful term four and going forwards. I have loved working in this beautiful school every day with my amazing staff and your gorgeous children, and with our dedicated and collaborative P&C and Board and will miss everyone hugely. I’m so proud of what we have all created together at Richmond and am pleased to be handing over such a well-oiled and happy school to the next principal.

Have a great day tomorrow. It’s footy colours assembly and everyone is invited to come along, to wear their team’s colours (any sport is ok) and to bring a gold coin donation for children with cancer!

Best wishes,

Lisa Dentith