24 September 2021: Mr Carder

Here is Mr Carder’s farewell speech:

Today is a very special day. It is Mrs Dentith’s final day as Principal. Mrs Dentith is about to start an exciting new adventure in her life. Before she starts on that adventure  I think it is  really important to acknowledge her time as principal  at Richmond Primary School.

When most people think of Richmond Primary School or talk about Richmond they are quick to identify it as a very special place. Richmond Primary School certainly has a reputation as being an outstanding school. In fact Richmond Primary has often been described as an exemplary. As a community we are all very proud of this. We are always proud to say we are a part of something so special. Everyone wants to be at Richmond, no one wants to leave.

This reputation of being an exemplary school has not been earnt by chance or by accident. It comes about through strong, focused and clear leadership.

Waters and Cameron (2007, p. 3) through their educational research into successful schools state  “No longer is there a question about the effect of leadership on student achievement. Clearly, leadership makes a difference…. leadership matters. Principals make a big difference in the success of schools.” This is certainly the case at Richmond Primary School. Mrs Dentith has been our leader, our principal, who has been driving the success in our school for many years.

How has she done this so well? The answer is that Mrs Dentith has a number of key leadership qualities that we really appreciate. Some of these qualities include her:

  • Ability to communicate, collaborate and be connected to us all. This is was most recently evident where she led us through the most challenging times with the outbreak of the coronavirus. Her clear, concise and consistent message gave us clarity and security that we all desperately needed. Her weekly blogs kept us informed, focused and together as a community.
  • Mrs Dentith trusts and empower others. Staff, students and parents have always had a voice in our school. She has given the staff many leadership opportunities and autonomy. She has encouraged and advised many P&C groups over the years. She has established a vibrant and strong school board and she has also personally championed student leadership opportunities.
  • Her calm and measured approach makes us all feel safe and comfortable. No matter the circumstances over the years she has able to manage the situation. She is always willing to ensure that a fair and balanced outcome is always reached.
  • She is not frightened to face challenges with unwavering courage.
  • Mrs Dentith champions students learning above all.
  • She has a great sense of humour. She is always willing to attend all of our community events and she certainly is a fan of a costume.
  • Mrs Dentith has been committed and loyal to our school.  Her long term leadership clearly demonstrates this. We are very grateful for this.

Mrs Dentith’s final act of transitioning from principal to publishing is a gift to us all. It is the gift of inspiration. It has inspired us all to be brave and chase those dreams whatever they might be.

On behalf of the community, the staff and students we would like to say thank you.

Thank you for many amazing years that has touched the lives of so many students, parents and staff.

We would like to wish you the very best in all of your endeavours and please remember that you will always hold a special place at our school and within our community.

Three cheers for Mrs Dentith!

Dave Carder