28 May 2020

Yesterday we had just 14 children absent from school. This is amazing at any time, let alone during a wet and dark week, and especially given that I know everyone is being very vigilant with keeping sick children at home (thank you).  The reality is that we have significantly fewer sick children than normal, due in part to increased cleaning and no visitors or sick children on site and due also to families being COVID safe at home.  Whatever the reasons, increased attendance and good health really benefit our students’ education.

This week talk has once again turned to our centenary which falls on Sunday March 21, 2021.  At this stage I am planning, amongst other things, to have a big display of memorabilia, organised by staff and students.  To this end, if you or your family have any photographs, or other memorabilia that we could copy or borrow, please let us know.  We are collecting items from every decade from 1900-2021.

I’m also reopening my competition for children to make a centenary logo for us.  It will be used for marketing. It needs to be on white A4 paper, in black and white (not pencil) and contain the words ‘Richmond PS’ and ‘1921-2021’.  The design can be of anything beyond that, which represents the school. I know we have many talented artists and hope to have lots of beautiful designs to look at.

The P&C has made the sound decision to move their planned spring fair to the weekend of our centenary in March 2021 and to make it Richmond Centenary Fair.  They will be making all the usual memorabilia, such as tea towels. They are also planning a photo book. Obviously there are a myriad of roles and opportunities here for the whole community to help, be it organising a stall, making or sourcing craft items, organising logistics, marketing, etc. The list of ideas and possible contributions is endless.  I think this could be just what we need to regroup and come together as a community when, hopefully this pandemic has passed.

I really encourage you to join the first Centenary Fair Committee Zoom meeting on Thursday 4 June at 7.30pm. You can of course choose to simply listen with no pressure to contribute.  To get your meeting ID and password please email virtuallysortedwa@gmail.com

As the rainy weather sets in, I really appreciate everyone’s efforts to continue to make 8.30am the absolute earliest arrival time at school. Children really only need five or ten minutes to walk in and unpack their bag before class.  Nearly everyone is now arriving at the correct time. Of course, the earlier they arrive, the earlier I have to go stand in the rain to supervise them, so I am personally very appreciative of later arrivals!

Finally, this weekend is a long weekend on the Monday.  I know some schools have boarders weekend starting on Friday, but Friday is not a day off for our students. We were supposed to have our student-free day on the first day of this term and have now been advised by the DoE to reschedule it.  It will now be on the last day of this term – Friday 3 July.  I have added this to the calendar.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to support us and each other.  It is easy to momentarily forget the turmoil in the world when we are ensconced at school, but we are always thinking of our friends and families who are doing it tough.

Stay safe and dry,

Lisa Dentith


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