28 May 2021

We’ve had a great week, with the year 6s loving camp and arriving back today happy and tired. They have been rock climbing, abseiling, doing archery, a quiz night and talent show.

More importantly, they have been away from home for a week, with no electronics, being in nature, developing independence and deepening friendships. Such a wonderful experience for them.

Because they were only at Point Peron, I was able to pop in to visit them as did the chaplain and two teachers, which was an added bonus for us. Mr T is already booking for next year.

I was really happy to see that once again the P&C meeting this week was attended by over twenty parents representing all classes.  Their enthusiasm and contribution is very much appreciated.

I chatted to them about a myriad of topics that they raised, ranging from long sleeved tops, to edu dance, to running a cake stall, to a reconciliation action plan, zebra crossings, after school groups, mindfulness and school banking.

This will all be in the minutes, but if you are keen for further clarification please talk to me at drop off or pick up most days when I am out and about.  Become a general P&C member and the minutes will be emailed to you.

On that topic, I’m always very happy to answer any general school questions and it’s fine for you to grab me at those times to quickly ask. Class reps will always bring your questions to P&C meetings too. That’s the perfect forum for wider discussion.

After the year we had last year with all the restrictions, it is nice to be now getting back to some kind of normal, without complete reliance on Whatsapp as a communication tool.

I have added a few dates to the calendar such as edu dance and cross country. If you feel any dates are missing, please let me know.

Congratulations to Serena who has been selected in the 2021 School Sport WA State Cross Country team. A wonderful effort.

Finally, some exciting news about our Italian program: Ava and Hudson are the overall winners of the year 4 and 6 levels in the IAWCC Italian Festival Primary School Students’ Competition 2021.

Richmond was the only school to win two year levels. Very well done to Ava and Hudson, and to our Italian teacher, Senora Blanchard.

Lola, Sophia and Amberlie won merit certificates for very high achievement and creativity, well done!

It’s the year 2 assembly next Friday – all welcome. Have a lovely weekend.

Lisa Dentith

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