4 June 2021

Last night the school board had a very positive and engaging meeting…so much so that it ran for three hours and everyone remained totally absorbed. 

Many thanks to Lacey Filipich, our new board chair, who is organised and energetic and keen for the board to fully support the school and to establish clear communication from the board to the parents it represents. 

Like Aoife on the P&C, Lacey has accepted my offer to write regular blogs via this website – there’ll be one next week.  I really hope that this will help everyone to feel connected to the two parent representative groups and to understand more clearly how to engage with them.

During their discussion, the board indicated that they liked the new ‘principal Q&A’ session at P&C meetings and suggested I also resurrect a written version via my blog (I used to do a written Q&A a couple of years ago). I will start this again and see how it goes.

Parents have a number of avenues to ask questions.  Emails or calls will be directed to the most appropriate person to respond as soon as possible.

  1. Email (or call) the school on Richmond.PS@education.wa.edu.au.  This will be received by the principal, deputies, business manager and reception. The most appropriate person will respond quickly.
  2. Email the P&C president Aoife Lannon on lannon@me.com.  This will either be answered by the P&C or where appropriate forwarded to the school.
  3. Email the board chair Lacey Filipich on laceyjfilipich@yahoo.com. This will either be answered by the board or where appropriate forwarded to the school.
  4. Email your child’s class teacher, who will respond quickly.
  5. Bring your question to the general P&C meeting, where the principal holds Q&A sessions.

There’s more on this here: communication.

If you become a general P&C member, via the online form, their minutes will be emailed straight to you.

Finally, we have two lovely evening events coming up. First, on 18 June the P&C is holding a mums’ night – information is coming to you via class reps.

And, excitingly, on the evening of 25 June there’s an art exhibition opening in the Moores Building in Fremantle, where some of our students’ work will be exhibited. Watch this space for more details, and if this is your thing, save the date! Their work is just beautiful.

Have a lovely long weekend,

Lisa Dentith

PS:  We have mountains of lost property if you get a chance to look through it!


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