4 May 2021

Things are fairly fluid as you are aware, with changing WA government and Education Department COVID restrictions. As it stands, I’m happy to say that our DoRKS Mothers Day café, pre-primary assembly and interschool sports are all permitted to go ahead on Friday, with all adults wearing masks and practising appropriate physical distancing and hygiene.

For the assembly, we are allowed to fill to capacity with masks, for the café we can fill to 2 square metres per person with masks. We are all hoping there will be no further WA restrictions before Friday.

The P&C Executive meeting tonight is via Zoom.

Next fortnight it’s NAPLAN testing for our year 3 and 5 students. If you haven’t yet had chance to walk your child through the public demonstration site, please could you try to do so before next week.   Year 3 students will do their writing test with a pen and paper, and all other tests for year 3 and 5 are online.

The timetable is as follows, with all tests starting at 9.00am:

Tuesday 11 May  – year 3 and 5 Writing

Wednesday 12 May  – year 3 Reading

Thursday 13 May  – year 5 Reading

Monday 17 May  – year 3 Spelling and Grammar

Tuesday 18 May  – year 5 Spelling and Grammar

Wednesday 19 May  – year 3 Numeracy

Thursday 20 May  – year 5 Numeracy

Please could you do your best to ensure your child is at school for their tests.  If you wish to withdraw them from NAPLAN, please let me know asap.

Shortly, our pre-primary teachers will be taking part in the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC). This is a nationwide census/survey of early childhood development held nationally once every three years and will involve all of our pre-primary students.  There is more information for pre-primary parents here:  AEDC information.

Finally, it is almost time for our year 6 students to leave on camp.  This is a much anticipated annual event at Richmond, that many other schools can no longer offer.  As you can imagine taking over sixty children away for a week is not simple and takes a great deal of planning and management.  I know everyone joins with me in sincerely thanking Lloyd Tifflin for organising and running this camp and giving our students such a wonderful memory.  They all usually absolutely love it, and refer to it at graduation as the highlight of primary school.

Enjoy the week!

Lisa Dentith