7 August 2020

This weekend’s Dads of Richmond Kids bike ride has unfortunately had to be postponed due to the bad weather forecast.  Instead, the DoRKS plan to hold it next Sunday, 16 August, with the same plan, timeline and arrangements. Those holding tickets don’t need to re-book, but it’d be really helpful if you could let the organisers know if you can’t make the new day: pheonix3@iinet.com.au

To keep you updated, the Education Department has put COVID management information out this week as follows:

“Thank you to all schools who have maintained vigilance with promoting and reinforcing physical distancing and health and hygiene messages.

Principals are asked to remind their school community of the current requirements to maintain good hygiene practices and physical distancing of adults.  Daily cleaning regimes, access to hand sanitiser and actively promoting hand hygiene, physical distancing and coughing/sneezing etiquette through signage will serve to keep Western Australia as safe as we can during Phase 4 of the WA Roadmap to Recovery.

The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) continues to note that there is very limited evidence of transmission between children in the school environment, resulting in a relaxing of the physical distancing requirements between students.

Adults in schools should continue to keep up physical distancing of 1.5 metres where possible. All members of the school community must continue to practice good personal hygiene to better protect themselves and the general health of society.

Gathering limits are now only determined by WA’s reduced two square metres per person rule. This measurement is specifically for determining the capacity of venues where adults are present.”

At Richmond things remain as they are.  Everyone continues to be fantastic with these hygiene and physical distancing requirements, thank you.  Although we may seem to be in a bubble here in WA, we all play a role in keeping things safe.

Today is student census day for the department and we registered 423 students, which is a lot for such a small site. Dozens of Kindergarten applications for 2021 are currently being processed, and our total student numbers are set to rise further next year.

Finally, today we are a sea of denim for Jeans for Genes day.  Thanks so much for your support, the children are thrilled to be in their jeans and to be helping a good cause – they have raised over $450 for genetic research.  A lovely end to the week!

Lisa Dentith

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