Athletics carnival arrangements

Tomorrow it’s our athletics carnival at Gil Fraser in North Fremantle. It’s our first big event for a few months and we hope everyone has a lovely day out.

Obviously having almost 400 young children off site all day is a huge logistical operation for us, and duty of care is uppermost in our minds.

To that end, here’s a quick run down of the arrangements.  Thanks for your help in ensuring the children are safe and happy for the day.

Transport: Students are either booked on a bus both ways or are travelling to and from the venue with their parents.  I’d really appreciate it if everyone could stick to this. Teachers will take rolls both directions and it is very tricky to track 400 children and delays buses if ‘bus’ children disappear with parents. Many thanks.

Timing: Children travelling by bus should come to school at the normal time of 8.45am. We plan to arrive at Gil Fraser and start events at about 9.20am. Please deliver your child directly to their teacher at Gil Fraser at this time if you have transported them. At the end of the day, buses will start to depart the venue at 2.30pm. Please collect your child directly from their teacher before this if you are transporting them home. Otherwise please collect them from school as normal at 3.00pm.

Toilets: There are toilets inside the main building. Children may access them at any time but must have permission from their teacher who will note their departure and return to their faction tent. Children may not use the public toilets in the grandstand. Your assistance in keeping an eye on any children you see at the toilets would be appreciated.

Refreshments: Year 6 parents are running a well stocked refreshment stall at the main building to raise money for graduation. It’d be great if you could support it and bring small change and a byo cup for hot drinks.  Children may either bring their own food or buy food from the stall, or both. They may access the stall at breaks or at other times with permission from their teacher. All children need their own water bottle.

Breaks: There will be a formal lunch break from about 12.00pm when children may leave their faction tents and wander freely. They may join you for lunch. There will also be the opportunity for them to walk around and see you during team games at around 10.50am.  They must not access the old stand or go behind the buildings, near the John Street gate or towards the river. Thanks for helping us by redirecting children if you see them wandering into a prohibited area.

Supervision: Children know they must stay in the vicinity of their faction tent under the supervision of their teacher. This is the case every year. They will be able to access the main building (toilets, food stall) with their teacher’s permission, and must return directly to their tent. They may leave their tent area during team games and during lunch.  We cannot allow children to wander freely all day – almost 200 of them are under eight years old.  Please could I ask that you assist us with this and encourage your child to remain in the designated student supervised area.

Parent areas: Parents and spectators are free to watch from anywhere outside the track, including from the grandstand. I’d encourage you to bring a rug / chair. Please help us by observing phase 4 restrictions – 1.5m distancing and personal hygiene. Hand sanitiser will be available.

Clothing: Children should wear their faction T shirt, appropriate running shoes and a school hat. Bags must remain in their faction tents. They should be wearing sunscreen.

First aid: There will be a first aid van. Please feel free to use it. If your child is sick and needs to go home please sign them out with their teacher.

Absent: If your child can suddenly not attend or participate tomorrow, please let Lara know asap so that we can shuffle students into their spot where necessary.

Medals: We plan to present medals and the faction shield at the end of the day, time permitting. This will depend on how smoothly things run.

Events: The program is here. We will endeavour to stick to timings, but they wont be exact.

Thank you for your support and assistance on all of this. The weather forecast is perfect and I hope it will be a happy and memorable day.

Lisa Dentith

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