Blog 13 November 2019

Today we welcomed 60 families into the kindy for our 2020 information session. Amongst them was a little girl whose great-grandparents met at Richmond PS in the 1930’s.  They are now 95 years old and so proud that their four year old great grand-daughter is just about to start her journey.  It was lovely as always to see how excited the soon-to-be kindys are.

As we say hello to next year’s four year olds, so we start to farewell our year 6 students. They have started to write their graduation speeches (graduation is December 12) and we have a raft of end of year events coming up, culminating in our final assembly on Wednesday 18 December, at 9.00am, where both kindy and year 6 students will perform.

This week we have a team representing Richmond in inter-school cricket; excursions to the recycling centre and to Parliament House; and the DoRKS Richmond Cup Billycart race on Sunday: billycarts

With an eye on encouraging students to assist our community, year 4 students will again be organising a school-wide Christmas food drive for Foodbank WA, who tries to feed 94 000 West Australians per month. All children will bring details home, but will mainly be collecting cans.

One of our important values is environmental respect, and we have a number of programs at school level. Next week our recycled jellyfish sculpture, made by students in art class, will be exhibited at the Fremantle Markets for recycling week. Our exhibit encourages visitors to the markets to think twice about using single use plastics that often end up in the ocean causing harm to marine animals and sea birds.

Public speaking is a skill we try to develop from pre-primary all the way to year 6 so that our students are confident and competent to speak in front of a group. Our year 5 students will soon be putting their skills to the test, giving speeches in a bid to be elected into a 2020 leadership position. Speech day is 26 November.

It’s almost P&C movie night, and tickets for Spiderman- into the Spiderverse are available here:  TIDYHQ.  You will also see tickets for the end of year waterslides.

Finally, on the ongoing maintenance front, our Business Manager Elaine is organising for all of our verandah railings and fascias to be repainted through the State Government’s High Priority Maintenance and Minor Works Program.  Great news.  It will really enhance the quad.

Remember to order your 2020 using these codes… School code for home delivery: RICD      Password: ZZY233

Hope to see you at one of our end of year events,

Lisa Dentith

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