Blog 15 August 2019

Yesterday was a flurry of activity at lunchtime as over 100 moon buggies competed to see which could travel the furthest. It was a massive entry rate – many thanks to everyone who supported this activity at home.  Year group winners will receive their certificates at assembly tomorrow and will later race off to find the fastest buggy in the school.

Today some classes have tried out squash during physical education.  Others have launched rockets on the oval in science, having studied Newton’s Third Law.  There are photos on Facebook.

Our recent semester one attendance data indicates that 87% of our students have what is termed ‘regular attendance’.  This means that they attended more than 90% of the time (less than one day off per fortnight).

The other 13% of our students are in attendance ‘risk’ categories:  10% of students averaged more than one day off per fortnight; and 3% of students averaged more than one day off per week.  Most of these absences were due to family holidays, which are generally one-off events.

Concern rises of course if the absences continue over time. Averaging a day off a fortnight from kindergarten to year 12 (90% attendance rate) equates to one and a half years’ worth of absences by the time they leave school.

Many thanks for keeping an eye on your child’s attendance rate, which you can find at the end of all of their semester reports.

We had a very high number of kindergarten applications for 2020.  I have written to everyone this week and hope to have places completely finalised by September.

At the other end of the school, remember that your year 6 child needs to be enrolled in a secondary school now, as testing is underway in many schools.

Some things coming home –

  • The annual P&C / year 6 parent disco is planned for years 1-6, on Friday 30 August at the East Fremantle Football Club. Permission slips have gone home.
  • Junior swimming lessons for year 1-3 will start soon and run from 16-27 September. Letters are on their way home.
  • Student NAPLAN reports will be released to schools mid-September. We will send them home to parents when we receive them.

Finally, the P&C is keen for everyone to use online canteen ordering – the link is here:  CANTEEN – and to volunteer to help out when you can. Every shift helps. Sincere thanks to all those who have volunteered so far.

Lisa Dentith

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