Blog 21 August 2019

It was a riot of colour in the quad today as everyone embraced our book week parade. Thanks to all for supporting the children with their dress-ups despite the time and resource pressure that we are all under. It is a lovely start to the day for them, with music and lots of laughter. Older students still talk fondly about costumes they wore years ago.

From Monday to Wednesday next week, before and after school, we will continue book week activities with a used ‘wrapped book’ sale at the library to encourage reading. Each plain wrapped book will be for sale for a coin donation.  Though titles and authors will not be visible, books will be in age appropriate piles. It’d be fantastic if children brought a coin to school to buy themselves a surprise book.

You may have seen the recent ABC News article about school funding.   It certainly puts into perspective the differences between schools in terms of what they can possibly achieve in the area of capital works.

I’m happy to report that there has been visible progress on our building works recently with the roof being enclosed and internal works underway. We hope to move in early next term.  We will gain a dedicated medical room, in line with the current primary school standard, and a formal meeting room, which we have never had.  The foyer will be larger and enclosed and there will be more security, with the separation of students and the public in this area. Students will have back door access to the administration and will not have to wait in the foyer with visitors. Although it has been an inconvenient transition period, I am confident it will be worth it for everyone.

On the same theme, our Business Manager has been able to secure funds to replace the soft fall in the year 1-3 playground, which is great news as the area has become very worn. This will hopefully happen in the next few weeks.

I have also met with the P&C, designers and other stakeholders to start to plan the nature play development which will reinvigorate the play area from the library through to room 3.  A design is being created that we hope will make the space into a more engaging and attractive area, with interactive activities for learning through play. Thank you very much to this committed group for giving their time and expertise to get this idea off the ground and to the P&C body for their ongoing fundraising efforts to support this project.

“Research is telling us that engaged play outside not only builds healthier bodies, and emotional and social competence, it also helps kids to concentrate better in class”. Maggie Dent.

Our athletics carnivals, field and track, are fast approaching and all students from pre-primary to year 6 are in training.  Everyone will need to wear a faction T shirt on the day/s they compete. To make life easier, Uniform Concepts will be at school from 8.15 am – 9.00 am on Friday 30 August with a supply of faction tops and hats for sale. Each item retails at $14.00.

Finally, tomorrow Madjitil Moorna will teach our year 1 students some Noongar songs, and this Friday John Curtin College of the Arts’ brass quintet will perform for us. A musical end to the week to set a beautiful tone for the sunny weekend.

Lisa Dentith

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