Blog 27 November 2019

Last week, many people missed my blog, as we had no computers and no link went out.  Please do have a look at both this week’s and last week’s blog if you have time.

With three weeks until the end of the year, it’s getting busy at school with kindy concerts, end of year excursions, assemblies, P&C events, and of course graduation.  We’ll endeavour to keep our website calendar current.

On Monday, our chorale will be singing at the East Fremantle Pioneer’s luncheon.  This is a chance for our students to perform in public and to entertain local residents.  On Tuesday it’s the spelling bee final, with winners announced at Friday’s assembly.

I am starting to finalise 2020 enrolments, so if your child is leaving or you know of a local family intending to enrol, I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know.  A couple of children here and there makes a big difference to classes.

I have accepted sixty new kindergarten students for next year, and quite a few are looking to switch days. If you’re interested in a day change, please let me know so that we can sort preferences out before the end of the year.  I’ve also written to current kindergarten parents to ask them to send in their paperwork to enrol for pre-primary as soon as possible, as we have a number of new students to accommodate in pre-primary next year. This is a burgeoning area of the school.

In financial news, advice about the costs of schooling will be posted to CONNECT this week so that everyone knows what costs lie ahead of them in 2020.  It’d be fantastic if everyone could use our lump sum payment scheme – parents pay $100 into their child’s school account and our business manager, Elaine withdraws excursion costs as they arise. This negates the need for parents to find small amounts throughout the year and for our office to regularly count money.  Please contact, if you’d like to know more about this.  Also, remember to order your 2020 personal items using these codes… School code for home delivery: RICD      Password: ZZY233.  Of course you may also pick up a hard copy of the list and purchase from a supplier of your choice if you prefer.

Thank you to the P&C for organising another successful family movie night on the oval.  Their next event is water-slides on 13 December, with tickets as always on TidyHQ.

If you have an interest in getting involved with one of the two parent representative bodies, the Board or P&C, please consider nominating for 2020.  All positions on the P&C are for one year and on the Board for two years, so there are vacancies on both.  I will put more information in next week’s blog.

You may have seen in my last blog the clips of our students who elected to appear in a series of advertisements. We have a number of children who are keen for these opportunities and another has arisen this week: Any parents of Year 1 and 2 students who might be interested in having their child appear in an ad for the Perron Institute (a medical research organisation) please contact Jemma Cook from ZAC Creative on 0415 870 889 or by emailing

Finally, if you get chance to vote for our recycled jellyfish sculpture at Fremantle markets, we would really appreciate it… and you’ll put us in the running to win a very handy $1000!

Lisa Dentith

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