Blog 5 February 2019

We have had a really happy and smooth start to the school year.  I received a lovely email saying:

The atmosphere at school this morning was awesome…!  So many great students, parents and teachers!  Wonderful to see everyone again”.

Teachers have started to get to know their classes and we invite parents to year group information sessions as follows:

Tuesday 12 February Year 3 venue room 8 3.10pm
Wednesday 13 February PP venue library 3.10pm
Wednesday 13 February KB venue kindy room 9.00am
Thursday 14 February Year 1 venue room 1 3.10pm
Monday 18 February Year 5/6 venue room 12/13 3.10pm
Tuesday 19 February Year 2 venue room 1 3.10pm
Wednesday 20 February KA venue kindy room 9.00am
Wednesday 20 February Year 4 venue room 6 3.10pm

The P&C will hold its AGM upstairs at the Left Bank on Tuesday, 19 February at 7.00pm. Everyone is very welcome and encouraged to come along to stand or vote or both. We can order from downstairs and they will bring food and drinks up if people want it.  It is kids’ night downstairs, so a free kid’s meal with every adult meal ordered and there is a children’s entertainer downstairs (children must be accompanied).

All P&C positions will be declared vacant. To nominate for a position please pick up a nomination form from Lara or from the P&C section of this website and return to Lara before the AGM.

P&C Positions for which we seek nominees are:

  1. President; Vice-president; Treasurer; Secretary; plus 3 x executive committee positions
  2. Committee Coordinators – Arts; Nature Play; DoRKS
  3. Program Coordinators – Scholastic Bookclub; Loyalty programs; School Banking
  4. One-off jobs! – kindy T towels, entertainment books, PP plates, other ideas…
  5. P&C Representatives – at WACSSO; on the School Council; in every classroom (class parent reps)
  6. Honorary Auditor for 2018 books

The role of the Richmond PS P&C is primarily to build community and fundraise, through organising community events. Recent examples are: Halloween disco; movie night; waterslide day; billycart race; dads camp; big breakfasts etc. A colour run is planned for term 1. If you like to organise and socialise, the P&C is for you!! I am on the P&C and it really is a lot of fun to be involved in a big or a small way.

The canteen will be closed on Wednesday and will open as normal on Friday this week.

School Banking will be on Tuesdays this year, next to the library before school. All welcome.

Our library blog is at

To help less privileged students, there are boxes outside room 9 to collect textas, pencils, and crayons for schools in Bali.

Please check out our website  where I write a weekly blog, and see daily photos of ‘a day in the life of Richmond’ by following us on Facebook  Log onto your CONNECT account to read class and school notices.  There is a CONNECT NOW app that we recommend you download, so that you only need log in once.

If you have mislaid your emailed CONNECT password, we can easily reset and resend it to you upon request. New families have now been sent their password via email.

Finally, many thanks to Clare Harwood (coordinator) and Renee Martin (artist) for their work in creating our new entrance mosaic. It has been a long held vision of mine to have a frontispiece that really represents our school, the arts, Fremantle and our unique flavour.  It has been a well planned project and I am thrilled to see it looking so fantastic. Well done to everyone involved.

Lisa Dentith


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