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The DoRKs group Launch for 2021 will be on Thursday 4 February, 7pm at the Left Bank. This will be the first of our new initiatives – to have a monthly catch up opportunity for Dads in the group.  We hope it will be a popular and achievable way for us all to meet up, whenever Dads can make it.

The Dads and Kids Camp is pencilled in for the weekend of 27/28 February, pending an update on COVID guidelines. This is earlier than usual to make way for the Centenary Fair on 20 March.

Our 2021 Richmond coordinators are:  Mike Slattery,  Matt Sumner, Tom Godkin, Tim Massey and James Flynn.

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The Dads of Richmond Kids (DoRKs) group is associated with The Fathering Project’s School Program.  The main aim is to create, foster and promote stronger connections between dads and their kids, by way of organised events and activities.  The group enables dads to connect and support each other in the challenging job of being an effective parent and father figure.

The term ‘dads’ encompasses both fathers and ‘father figures’, such as step-dads, foster dads or carers, an uncle, cousin, grandfather, male family friend or relative or even a school friend’s dad.  Essentially, any male figure that would like to be involved with the group or bring Richmond kids along to our events.  If kids want to attend an event and have no father figure available at the time, parents can get in touch with the organisers who will do their best to accommodate and include everyone.  For “dads” we also include those single or solo parents who fulfil the role of dad.  Mums who also routinely fill the role of “dad” are most welcome to join in the DoRKs group activities.

Each year the DoRKs organise a number of events designed to achieve their aims. Events include ‘dads and kids’ activities and family activities, such as a camp, the ‘Richmond Cup’ billy cart race and river bike rides.  In addition, ‘dads-only’ events are held, such as a bowls night or pub quiz.  Events may include a speaker from The Fathering Project, to talk about the benefits of being an effective father figure and to encourage dads to learn more about the important work of the Fathering Project.

Father figures make a very valuable contribution to kids’ lives, as not all kids have direct or daily contact with their dad, perhaps due to work commitments or living arrangements.  What’s more, kids learn a great deal from a variety of good male role models (other than their dad) and this can contribute very positively to their overall development.  Consequently, whenever a dads or dads & kids event is being organised, the DoRKs organisers seek to ensure that all fathers and father figures get the opportunity to come along and get involved.

The Fathering Project

The Fathering Project’s purpose is to inspire positive engagement of fathers and father figures in a child’s life.  Research shows that an effective father figure can have a significant impact upon the incidence of alcohol and drug abuse, mental & general health issues, child development, social engagement and learning. The project is a proactive approach to addressing the issues facing our children. Most programs are targeted at fixing the problems after they occur but our programs focus on preventing the problems before they happen.

The Fathering Project’s Schools Program aims to positively promote the important role of fathers and father figures to the entire school community through the formation of a ‘Champion Dads’ group or Fathering Project School Group (FGSG).