22 March 2021

We have had a fantastic two days of centenary celebrations! Thank you so much to the very many people involved.

On Friday, at our centenary assembly, 400 children entertained us with songs from the decades.  We had speeches, candles and party hats. Many thanks to our assembly coordinator and amazing music teacher, Moyanne, and thanks also to Sandra Harden for her heartfelt Welcome to Country. It really was a beautiful opening event.

On Saturday we held our awe inspiring centenary fair, almost a year in the planning. To the brilliant organising committee – ‘Team 100’ – wow, congratulations.  Parents Paula, Claire, Lauren, Amy, Anna, Suzanne and staff Rebecca and Jenny – you did an amazing job of pulling it all together. The range of offerings was huge: rides, stalls, food trucks, cafes, bar, photographer, activities, animals… there really was something for everyone. And the number of official documents that had to be completed to hold such a huge event was massive. Very well done and thank you! The feedback has been so enthusiastic and positive.

Thank you too to my amazing staff who organised the Walk through the Decades and reunions.  It was also a huge success and we had dozens and dozens of alumni come to visit their former school and rediscover old mates.  The classrooms looked stunning and took weeks of work and we have had many beautiful emails from alumni today.

Thanks as always to the Dads of Richmond Kids, led by Mike, who always do so much and, among other things, ran a lovely and quite groovy courtyard cafe.  Thanks to Pia and her team who ran the very slick Bar 100 and pulled the crowds all night; and to DJ Coby who kept the music coming. Thanks to Lacey who spent the day locked in a sound booth recording invaluable alumni memories; and to the man efficiently managing all the money – Chris.

To all the class parent reps, who worked so hard to organise rosters, communicate with our parent body, set up and run stalls and fill in all the gaps to ensure everything ran without missing a beat, very well done. To the hundreds of parents who helped them thank you.  Thank you for your cakes, raffle donations, craft, time on rosters and most of all your enthusiasm for our school to make the day a success.

To all the secondary school students who volunteered ‘service hours’ to help – all 72 of you, thank you! Your volunteering was crucial to the day.

To all the entertainers –  school bands, dancers, singers, soloists – you were brilliant and really set a gorgeous tone that could be heard across the whole site.

Thank you to our generous and valued sponsors – J.C.S Plumbing Services, Swan Yacht Club, Edison McGrath, Villa Sandi, Domaine Naturaliste, The Wine Hand, B Branded, Bakers Delight, DBB Electrical, Sign Fairy, Unleished, Kennards Hire and Rift Photography. It could not have happened without you.

Many thanks too to Lisa O’Malley who came along to present a $50 000 cheque to the P&C which they plan to spend on nature play.  Congratulations to the 2020 P&C executive who liaised last year to secure this donation.

Finally thank you to the most important people in the school, our wonderful students. You were all so well behaved, appreciative, good humoured, polite and a joy to spend the day with as always. I have had lots of emails today from our alumni commenting on how professional, engaging and lovely our students were.  Well done. You are the reason we all do it.

Happy 100th birthday Richmond community! You really came together to celebrate in style and did the 100 years of history proud.

Have a lovely, quieter week!

Lisa Dentith

PS:  There’s a bit of memorabilia left on TidyHQ if you missed out!

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