From the Principal

Thank you for visiting Richmond Primary School’s website and welcome to Richmond in 2018.

We started this year with 42 staff and 424 students from kindergarten to year 6. This number is growing annually.  We have a small site, so have a strict local intake policy since our classrooms are always at capacity.  We lease an offsite early childhood centre from the Town of East Fremantle, located 200m from our main site, next to Ulrich Park. This houses two early childhood classes (Kindergarten or Pre-Primary). 

Another fourteen classes are housed on the main site around an attractive quadrangle. The layout means that the school has a real feeling of community amongst staff and students and the close proximity allows staff to get to know each other, our students and their families well.

We see a positive teacher/student relationship as a key element of student success.  Our goal is always for every child to achieve their best and to feel a sense of belonging, being and becoming. 

Belonging to the Richmond community and feeling valued; being self-aware, resilient and capable and becoming the best version of themselves, academically, socially, physically and emotionally.

We enjoy the support of a very strong and forward-thinking School Council and an energetic Parents and Citizens Association. These parent groups represent our 600 parents and reflect the strong values of our school community. The principal is actively involved in both groups and they are the main vehicles for parents to be involved in school decision making. There are lots of other opportunities for parents and family members to be involved in the day to day life of the school.

We offer specialist instruction in Italian language; visual art, music, instrumental music and physical education. Some recent highlights this year have been: Being the 2018 interschool soccer champions; winning the interschool cross country meritorious shield; having our art banner displayed on Adelaide Terrace to represent the Town of East Fremantle; having 59 students enrolled in instrumental music in flute, violin, viola, trumpet, trombone, clarinet and cello; and reaching the top five schools world-wide on the Languagenut program in Italian.

Richmond Primary School offers a broad and inclusive curriculum to our students and we are very proud of their achievements.

Lisa Dentith