The Richmond Way

Our vision

At Richmond we support our students to achieve their personal best in all areas whilst maintaining a strong social conscience. We value innovation, inclusion, and creativity in individuals. Our students will be enabled to be ethical, well-rounded, happy lifelong learners.

Our values

Our philosophy

Our decisions are based on data, evidence and research, not on inclination, and are made in the best interests of students.  We acknowledge that best predictors of long term wellbeing are:

A sense of personal achievement and autonomy (I can do things);

Social competence (I am a person people can like); and

Resilience (I can find ways to solve problems I face). Telethon Institute 2016.

Our aim is to provide the appropriate supports and inputs to ensure that all children reach their potential, regardless of their starting point, and to foster in each child a sense of BELONGING, BEING and BECOMING. This means: belonging to the Richmond Primary School community and feeling valued; being self-aware, empathetic, resilient and capable; and becoming the best version of themselves, academically, socially, physically and emotionally.

Our motto

A competition was held among year 7 children in 1964 to select a school motto. Two entries were finally chosen – Strive Upwards and Excellence Without Vanity. The parents decided that a combination of the two would be most appropriate – Strive Upwards for Excellence without Vanity.  Over the years this has evolved into our motto today:

Strive for Excellence

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